Pastor’s pondering

Last week I found myself pondering about how quickly time goes by. This week I once again found myself pondering some of the same. This is probably because of the bi-annual changing of the clocks that we will undergo this weekend – the springing ahead of time, as we enter Daylight Savings Time. Think about that for a minute. As much as we already think time flies by, this weekend, we are going to lose an entire hour of time! As we spring ahead at 2am on Sunday morning, it will suddenly be 3am in the flash of an eye. Most people won’t notice because they will be sound asleep, but some will. Those working overnight shifts long for this particular day – one less hour that has to be worked! Hurray!

Yet isn’t that one less hour we have to make a difference in the world? Isn’t that one less hour we have to do the tasks that have been given to us to do – whether it is in our lives, family, workplaces, etc, etc? Ephesians 5:15-16 reminds us that we are to, in all wisdom, make the most of the time that we have. This is because we’ll never get it back once it’s gone, will we?

I look back on life and see a myriad of opportunities that I missed because I didn’t use the time that I was given properly. Due to a multitude of unwise decisions in past years, I missed out on special events with family and friends. What a lesson to learn. What an obstacle to overcome. If only it was the season of “falling back,” turning the clocks backwards to recapture those sacred moments and do something differently…

But this is no movie. Doc Brown is not going to put us into a DeLorean and whisk us away in a flash of light. No, we have to do something here and now. We have to make choices that make a difference here, now, and for the future that still lies ahead. We have to, in all divine wisdom, make the most of what time we have been given. So, how is God calling you to do so today?

Always pondering,

Pastor Steve

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