Pastor’s pondering

Many people I have spoken with over the years say that the Christmas season is their favorite time of year.  The beauty of grand displays of decorations, the anticipation of family gatherings, and the overall sense of excitement this time of year seems to bring us a sense of something we don’t feel during the rest of our annual calendar.  I suppose this makes sense considering the themes for Advent, the four weeks of preparation leading up to Christmas, focus on hope, peace, joy, and love.

Yet, this season is not all warm and fuzzy for everyone.  In fact, for some, this time of year brings frustration, stress, and sadness.  As we think on years past, we recall what once was, but is no more.  In fact, the nostalgia that some love can actually bring pain and suffering for those that have experienced loss.  Perhaps it is due to the loss of a loved one, a job, financial stability, or good health.  In any of these cases the overwhelming feeling is one of grief, sorry, and even anger, not tidings of good cheer.

This year, we once again invite those who are experiencing feelings such as these to join with us for a Blue Christmas service.  No, this isn’t where we trim the tree and adorn everything else in the color of blue.  Instead, it is a service of recognizing the “blue” feelings we have and attempt to overcome during this time of year.  It is a service of remembering those things we have lost and laying them at the Lord’s feet, offering them to Christ and asking that he intercede on our behalf.  It is about bringing healing and hope in circumstances where we don’t have any.

Last year, the idea came about to hold this service at the local candle shop here in town.  And what a better place, right?  For a candle helps illuminate things, doesn’t it?  It brings light into what seems like impenetrable darkness.  So, we will once again hold this service there, offering the Light of the World to those in need of dispelling some darkness of their own.  I pray that you will join us, or at least pass the word, for there are so many struggling right now, so many that could use this time to be uplifted.

                                                                        Pastor Steve

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