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Over the past several weeks, we have been discovering the meaning of our Parish’s vision to continually be in praise, prayer, and service, as outlined in Psalm 116:12-19.  In our continued examination of this vision, this week we find ourselves centering on service.  The passage declares, according to The Message, “Oh, God, here I am, your servant, your faithful servant: set me free for your service!”  How, then, can we be a servant of God in service for God?

          A basic definition of service implies that it is an action performed on the behalf of another.  In other words, it is doing something for someone else.  It might be giving some advice or performing a task.  It might be something extremely difficult, taking an extended period of time, or it could be quite simple taking only a moment to complete.  Yet, in any case, service is others focused.

          All too often, unfortunately, many of the things that we do are self-serving; we want to receive some benefit from what actions we take.  Yet, being in service for God requires that our focus is always on someone else, that they may receive the reward of our work.  After all, isn’t that what Jesus exampled for us?  His entire life was dedicated to helping others in some way or another.  His thoughts, prayers, teachings, healings, everything he did was for the benefit of someone other than himself.

          One of the greatest things I have learned about being a Christian hit me square in the face when someone said four words one day, “It’s not about you.”  Nothing we do as Christians should be about ourselves but should always be others focused.  We should regularly be thinking of others needs over our own. We should continually be seeking ways to serve God by serving the Kingdom here on earth.

          So, the real question for us all is – how can we do that today, tomorrow and every day thereafter?  Where might God be calling you to serve, and who is God asking you to help today?

                                       Always pondering, 

Pastor Steve

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