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This weekend our nation celebrates Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.  For many, it is the last chance for vacations to get away before a return to school and work for the winter months.  In other words, from this weekend on, it’s back to the hard work!

          You know, humanity has been laboring for a long, long time.  The Book of Genesis tells us that this was Adam’s (and subsequently all humanity’s) punishment for disobedience.  We don’t get to live a luxurious life of never-ending vacations, but instead are called to work.  So, then, if this is what life is supposed to be about, why do we dislike it so much?  Why are vacations so much more enjoyable than our daily labors? Well, quite simply put, I think it is because we often forget to find the joy in our daily task.  Instead of looking at it as a part of our work for the advancement of the kingdom on earth, we see it as the consequence of life.  Instead of seeing our daily routine as the norm for which we should be thankful, we see the fun vacation times as what should be our way of life.

          Yet, where would the world be today without the laborers?  How would crops grow?  How would buildings get built?  How would students learn?  We could spend pages upon pages asking questions such as these.  The reality is, if life was all “fun,” nothing would ever get done.  Even the vacation destinations wouldn’t exist – after all, there are plenty of people working at those vacation spots while you’re out having fun, aren’t there?

          So, perhaps this weekend is an opportunity for us all to take a step back and ponder, where would we be in life without a little hard work?  Where would we be if it wasn’t for the laborers who have made our lives and nation what it is?  Without them, we wouldn’t have our churches, we wouldn’t have our communities, we wouldn’t have our missionaries, we wouldn’t have all sorts of things.  So, let us give thanks for the laborers today, and everyday, and ponder how we may be called to participate in the necessary labors (even if the world says you are retired).

                                                Always pondering,

Pastor Steve

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