Pastor’s ponderings

Every year since I have been a pastor, we have spent the summer engaging the Scriptures in a special sermon series.  I am excited about this year’s theme – “Strange Things in the Bible.”  It came about after discussions with some folks regarding things that are in the Bible which we never really talk about.  Did you know that the sun stood still for Joshua for one whole day?  Did you know that Balaam’s donkey talked to him?  What about a woman who actually turned into salt?  Or the ghosts that roamed the earth after Jesus’ resurrection?  We’ll explore all these things and more during the months of July and August.  I promise that you won’t want to miss a single week of it!

          Until then, start pondering what things are happening around you that make you ask questions.  As strange as they may seem, believe it or not, it’s probably in the Bible!

                                                          Always pondering,                                                           Pastor Steve

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