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There is a fad that is making its way around the world right now, a game called Wordle.  Now, I have not yet played it, but for those who have not heard of it, it is basically a word game, played online, wherein you have to guess some five letter words and are awarded points for your progress.  For me, it sounds interesting, but what is even more interesting was a backstory I heard about it while listening to the radio last week.

            A K-Love radio host noted that the creator of the game, Josh Wardle (yes, the game is a play on his last name), created it several years ago as a way of honing his computer coding skills.  A few of his friends played it for a while, but for the longest time it never really made it into the public eye.  However, late last year, he began to notice that there were suddenly hundreds of thousands of people playing the game.  The game had somehow suddenly just caught on, become popular and was making its way around the world.  The work he had done a few years back, and, in some sense, had given up on, had now gone viral.

            The K-love host then noted how remarkably similar this is to our life as Christians.  We are called to plant the seeds, regardless of whether we see the immediate growth.  God will provide the right time for what we have planted to come into fruition.  Until then, we are to remain faithful and keep planting, watering, and tending to what God has called us to care for – the kingdom here on earth.

            Where are you planting, watering, and tending to that which God has given you to grow?  In what arenas have you given up the task of tending to which God called you to?  There is so much growth possible in the Kingdom of God, growth that we may not immediately see, but is coming nonetheless.  Let us all continue to ponder how we might be champions for the harvest here and now, so that the future looks brighter for us all.

                                                                        Blessings be upon you all,

                                                                                    Pastor Steve

So let us not grow weary in doing what is right,

for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up. 

(Gal 6:9, NRSV)

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