Pastor’s ponderings

I am amazed at how often God hears the cries of our hearts and responds. Sometimes it might take a while for us to hear what God has to say, but other times God’s answers come flying in seemingly as quickly as our concerns are lifted up.  For me, this past week was one of those quick responses.

          Last week I expressed to you how much I longed to visit with you, to get reconnected, after our past year apart.  Shortly after that desire was expressed, I received notification from the Conference that pastoral visitations can begin once again!  Yes, our Methodist pastors can once again come see their flocks in their homes! 

          However, this next step also carries with it some very important safeguards.  First, the pastor must be fully vaccinated.  Check!  No problem there!  Second, the persons to be visited must also be fully vaccinated.  For many of you, this box is also checked, isn’t it?  And for others, we pray that your turn is coming soon.  Lastly, visits must not exceed one hour, and all must continue to wear face coverings during the visit.  I’m ok with that if you are!

          So, when I return from vacation on May 2nd I will eagerly begin scheduling times that we can get together and talk, to get reacquainted, or as I said last week, to begin our debrief of what has transpired over the past year.  I’m so excited and pray that you are as well!  God is good and will provide a way in due time, of this I am certain.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Maybe we’ll be able to start singing again?  Who knows?  But until that time, I am singing in my heart and ready to schedule an appointment to see you.  Give me a call and let’s schedule a time that is convenient for you!

                                                Pastor Steve


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