Pastor’s ponderings

This coming Sunday is what is unfortunately known in the church as “low attendance Sunday.”  The Sunday after Easter often sees church attendance at its lowest point in the entire year.  It’s as if we have come down off the mountaintop experience of that holy day, and now have returned back to the world, no longer basking in the glory of what has happened.

          The below cartoon made its rounds during Holy Week:

The gentleman’s statement got me thinking.  There are two ways in which we could interpret what he is saying.  First, as this scene is taking place on Easter morning, we could say that this man must be one of those who only shows up to church on Easter, thus the Resurrection would be the only thing he ever hears the pastor talk about. 

          Yet, I want us to consider another possibility.  What if the church sign didn’t say anything about Easter?  What if this scene took place on any other Sunday of the year?  Wouldn’t that be something worthy of taking note?  The pastor proclaiming the Resurrection on any given Sunday?  Hallelujah and Amen!  For that is our call, isn’t it?  That is the message that we proclaim!  We serve a resurrected Savior!  In fact, every Sunday is Easter for us!  And, every day is a chance to celebrate the power and glory of the resurrection!  Now that will preach!

                                                Blessings to all,

                                                Pastor Steve

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