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This week I somehow stumbled across this photo.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It is a sculpture by American artist Dennis Oppenheim that has been around for about 25 years, and has found itself being placed in various locations around the world, because many have found it to be quite controversial.  Perhaps this has something to do with its title – “Device to Root Out Evil.” 

Now, I’m no art critic, but I can’t help but to pause and consider the artist’s intent behind such a display.  Mr. Oppenheim died in 2011 and I have not been able to find much commentary about the piece, so herein I only offer my personal ponderings.

Perhaps Mr. Oppenheim was onto something.  His idea of sticking the steeple deep into the earth seems like a way of showing the cross is rooting out the foundation of things.  His idea of the underbelly of the church being exposed to the heavens is something we all need to know happens every single day.  God sees what goes on.  Jesus seeks out the root of all evil (and overcomes it, I might add). Perhaps right now the church needs to be turned upside down.  Perhaps over this past year the church has been turned upside down. 

Let us all ponder these thoughts, especially during this season of Lent, and utilize the Holy Spirit to discern what it is that needs to be exposed in our lives, what needs to be rooted out, what needs to be turned upside-down.

                                                                        Pastor Steve

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